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There are missing items with my grocery order

There are missing items with my grocery order

Although our goal is to fulfill every order, sometimes we find out an item is out of stock or of a low quality only when our concierge shopper is doing your shopping at the actual store near you. If an item is missing from your order, please check your final receipt and any out of stock item should not be charged to you. If a missing item is shown as delivered, but you haven’t received it, please contact us and we will correct your bill.

There are missing quantities for some items in the delivered order

At times, a store may not have the quantity you want in stock or your concierge shopper may suggest purchasing a lesser quantity of fresh items to make sure you only get great quality produce. For example, you have ordered 10 apples. During shopping, your concierge shopper can only find 8 apples that match our quality standards. In that case, we will purchase a lesser quantity to you. Furthermore, when a grocery store offers a discounted price for more items, and the total value of the offer does not exceed the value of your order, we will select the promotional package for you.

Whatever the case—the store is low on stock or to make sure you only get great quality produce or price value—your concierge shopper will always get your approval before making changes to the order.

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